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The Sensei

Create. Impact. Disrupt. Dominate.
I'm Phemmy (Femi). A suave brand strategist, UI/UX designer, digital creator, marketing and communications expert that helps startups, businesses and entrepreneurs leverage digital tools to stimulate growth and increase their profit. I have a strong fondness for the digital space and for sharing my knowledge, inspiring success and motivating business owners both individually, in groups and by speaking at events. Hence the nickname THE SENSEI (meaning teacher).
Over the years, I have worked with top influencers, global brands, business leaders, creators and politicians to build online reputation and campaigns that powers results at every touchpoint. With the help of my amazing partners and team, I am currently running my own digital agency Sapion Digital (an integrated marketing communications and experience design agency).
When I'm not working or teaching, I invest my time in giving back and helping humanity through #HashtagHappyBag (a global charity network) I started with some friends. So here I am. GROWING, LEARNING, TEACHING, IMPACTING AND GIVING. I am looking forward to working with you on your next project or event. I know we will create magic together.