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I am Phemmy (Femi), I am a suave brand strategist, UI/UX designer, product designer, community builder, digital creator, teacher, author, public speaker, marketing and communications professional that helps startups, businesses and companies scale up their businesses through contagious ideas.
Over the years, I have worked with a couple of global brands such as Guinness, Coca-cola, Bolt, Lipton and local/international corporate businesses & governmental organizations.
I hold certifications in Political science and international relations, business design & innovation (IDEO), brand & product management, digital marketing and also an accredited member of Association of Accredited Small Business consultants.
When I am not helping small business owners and brands, I spend my time living through giving with @hashtaghappybag, a global charity organization I founded with my friends and over 10,000+ members around the world.
I currently run Sapion Digital Technologies, An Integrated Marketing Communications & Experience Design Agency helping brands and businesses create new forms of competitive advantage in abuja Nigeria with some amazing creative minds.
I am looking forward to working with you on your next project.